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Nina Rassen a professional artist, the artist is included in the unified international art rating.

Fist woman FOUNDER of new art style multidemeantional bionics.

Member of the Professional Union of Artists, current honorary member of the International Academy of Contemporary Art.

Winner of the international prestigious Art Elitarch Awards AND International Prize Stella Virtuoso.

Also sculptures and designer of the own luxury brand Rassen Art.

Nina Rassen is a virtuoso of artistic mysticism, whose paintings are mysteriously intertwined with cosmic vibrations, opening new horizons of perception and consciousness. Her unique artistic style, infused with symbolism and mystery, transports the viewer to multidimensional realities where the energy of the Universe flows in every brushstroke.

In "Multidimensional Bionics," Nina Rassen hides keys to understanding the mysteries of life and existence, where each work of art becomes an encrypted message from the artist's soul to the viewer's mind. Her paintings not only reflect the world; they create new dimensions where cosmic laws and human inspiration intertwine in a cosmic dance.

Nina Rassen is a conduit between worlds, whose art awakens hidden possibilities of consciousness and helps us realize the harmony of the universe in every color and form. Her works are not just art creations but keys to inner enlightenment and soul evolution.
N I N A   R A S S E N



Artist Value Certification
Nina Rassen from €5,500.00 (Painting)
Certification established in collaboration with Akoun, the world leader in art market information since 1985. Unless otherwise specified, price value is established for a 15P format (65x50cm).
Expert comments (December 19, 2023) Félicitations
J.A. Akoun

Certification established in collaboration with Akoun, the world leader in art market information since 1985.

Nina Rassen — Princess by blood, Artist by the heart.

Do you believe in the reincarnation of souls and that the soul is energy, and it does not disappear anywhere, but only changes its volume, states and bodies?

NINA RASSEN is an artist with an individual unique handwriting. Many subjects come to life in her paintings: ancient forgotten knowledgefrom the Universal Library, knowledge from other Galaxies and messages for the Human race, which she transmits to us in an understandible format of Art.

She lived for a long time in Australia (Sydney), therefore, in her work, someone can see the motives of the aborigines of the mainland. Nina often lived in Italy (Venice), which she really misses and the city can be recognised in some of her works. Paris — took a special part in her life due to her professional work.

As a Princess she has organised numerous events to support people who seek inspiration through different roles as artists, designers, singers, writers, people of different art professions and different social positions, from homeless to a descendent of the Royal Russian family.

Nina's paintings are painted in the NEW STYLE on multidimensional bionics. Direct well established dimensional communication and state of presence allows Nina to transmit information in this format.

'The soul is eternal', as they say in many religions and teachings. It is shown HOW it works in the artworks of Nina Rassen.

Lates Events:

2024 Trazos del Alma, Madrid Spain
2024 Suspended World, Milano Italy

2023 Art Space Innovations Times Square
NY, United States
2023 Art On Loop - Europe'' By The Holy Art Gallery Paris, Brussel,Amsterdam
2023 Imagination Revelation Milano, Italy, Italy
2023 The Power Of Memory Milano, Italy, Italy
2023 The Blackout London, UK
2023 Glowing Santiago, Chile, Chile
2023 Art3F Monaco Монте-Карло, Monaco, Monaco

2022 Art3F Paris Paris, France
2022 Los Puentes Del Sena / Galería Gaudí — Madrid, Spain

2021 Art Innsbruck — International Fair For Contemporary Art / Innsbruck, Austria
2021 International Collective Exhibition|Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid Madrid, Spain


2023 Multidimensional
bionics or aliens among us? / Moscow cultural and educational center/ Vrubel 13

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